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Thermal Sensor Case For iPhone

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When you were a kid did you ever get one of those pencils that changed colors when you held it?  Well now you can have that on your phone.   

Just think.. when you get pulled over for texting and driving the cop will literally catch you red handed. HA!  Maybe that's a down side, don't text and drive!

....Or if you're on a date and go to the restroom and leave your phone on the table you will know if you're date touched your phone,  Don't text and drive!

Estimated Delivery Time:  15 - 20 Days

Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6,iPhone 6s,iphone 7,iPhone 6s plus,iphone 7 Plus
Brand Name: TIKITAKA
Type: Case
Function: Dirt-resistant
Function: Fashion Soft Suave Ultra Slim Simple Texture Gel Back Cover Case